Small is beautiful, growing value is great... The Alexander Partnership is deliberately small, but we have an enviable record of delivering value growth to the companies we work with.

Businesses are all different, but some lessons translate well. Learning the hard way can be painful - so we invite you to take advantage of what we have learned in decades of working with many companies, large and small. We've helped several entrepreneurs to earn their first million, as well as enhancing shareholder value in larger companies by tens of millions, too.

We believe in the power of business analysis, to shed light on solutions to business problems and to highlight opportunities, but recognise that change can only be achieved through people. So we always try to team work with the people working in the companies who choose to use our expertise.

We do not shy away from harsh realities, knowing painful decisions rarely become easier to bear if delayed - and opportunities rarely stay available for long before someone gets around to exploiting them. Part of our skill is in knowing when to stop analysing and assessing - because the decision required is now adequately addressed, the answer sufficiently clear.