Fees, payment and terms

The standard per diem of Alexander Partnership staff is £1,500 plus VAT and expenses. For projects in excess of £50k in fees we are able to reduce our per diem to £1,000. Invoices are submitted on a monthly basis and payment is due immediately on receipt. Balances remaining unpaid thirty days after the invoice date accrue interest charges at three percent over base rate. Such charges appear on the following month's invoice. We charge travel and subsistence expenses at cost based on business class travel and Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs approved mileage rates. We do not charge for office support or secretarial services.

A project may be terminated at any time, on three weeks notice. Clients are liable for payment for all Alexander Partnership days spent up to the end of the shortened contract, at the appropriate per diem. Should a premature halt to work be required, we would also endeavour to leave the project's documentation and computer files in a suitable state for the work to be pursued at a later date, by the client and The Alexander Partnership or others.

Any dispute arising from a contract not resolved amicably would be referred to a lawyer appointed by the Law Society for binding arbitration. Proposals typically remain open for acceptance for a period of 30 days.